Connecting to a Server
To connect to a server, click the <+> button on the “Server Profiles” screen.

“Add Profile” screen

Enter a name to help you recognize the server you are connecting to.
Server URL
Enter the full URL path to connect with your server. Ask your administrator for the URL path if you don’t already have it.
There are two types of authentications, [Windows] Authentication and [Forms] Authentication.
Windows Authentication
ProjectServer Mobile requires Basic Authentication mode to be enabled when using Windows Authentication to Microsoft Project Server instances.
Forms Authentications
The forms-based authentication supports authentication against credentials stored in Active Directory.
There are two types of connectivity, Direct and Gateway connectivity
Direct Connectivity
Use direct connectivity when you are connecting directly to your Project Server instance
Gateway Connectivity
Use gateway connectivity when you are connecting via a server application installed with your project Server instance.
Enter the user name that matches the user name you use to login to your Project Server instance.
Enter the password used to access your Project Server instance.
Keep password
Check if you would like ProjectServer Mobile to remember your password every time you login.
Connect automatically
Check if you would like ProjectServer Mobile to automatically login to this instance of Project Server when you launch the app on your device.
Click on question_book  to save your project server profile.
You can also click question_book to test your connection before you save the profile.
Click question_book  to exit without saving.
(Screenshot – Missing Profile screen screenshot)